Monday, 26 March 2012

Save the Date...

Yes I know I am like FULL of excuses but once again our internet has been SHOCKING but fortunately Virgin finally told us some handy tips (yeah basically we had the router in the completely wrong place so we were lucky it worked AT all!) But yes while I have been internetless (apparently its not a word but hey go with it!) I have been thinking up some great ideas for the blog and hopefully they will be some ideas that will help inspire you!
Ok, so when I said I was internetless I did have my phone so was still able to spend time on my latest addiction Pinterest.... I actually do not know what I did before pinterest... it is A-MAZING! But anywho.... I saw some brilliant idea for save the dates and thought I would share them with you guys, these seem to be catching on over here in the UK & I have received 2 so far this year, anyway here are some of my favourites! (I actually had to really limit the number I put on here.... yes there are like 17 but that was my short list!!) I totally wish I had done save the dates (although kinda pointless when we were only engaged for 5months!)

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