Monday, 26 March 2012

Save the Date...

Yes I know I am like FULL of excuses but once again our internet has been SHOCKING but fortunately Virgin finally told us some handy tips (yeah basically we had the router in the completely wrong place so we were lucky it worked AT all!) But yes while I have been internetless (apparently its not a word but hey go with it!) I have been thinking up some great ideas for the blog and hopefully they will be some ideas that will help inspire you!
Ok, so when I said I was internetless I did have my phone so was still able to spend time on my latest addiction Pinterest.... I actually do not know what I did before pinterest... it is A-MAZING! But anywho.... I saw some brilliant idea for save the dates and thought I would share them with you guys, these seem to be catching on over here in the UK & I have received 2 so far this year, anyway here are some of my favourites! (I actually had to really limit the number I put on here.... yes there are like 17 but that was my short list!!) I totally wish I had done save the dates (although kinda pointless when we were only engaged for 5months!)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Etiquette - Parents of the groom

So we know what "traditionally" the parents of the brides responsibilities for, so what do the parents of the groom do? The main duties of the parents of the groom include....
1. Plan, host (& pay for) the rehearsal dinner (this is pretty american so if you are english don't even worry about this one!)
2. Write your guest list- check how many people you are able to invite before handing over a 300 people list- remember whose day it is!
3. Call your guests who are late RSVPing - feel free to threaten/ blackmail/ hound these guests until they let you know yes or no!
4.  Turn up look pretty and be happy you haven't had to go through the stress of planning!

My gorgeous in-laws 

Friday, 16 March 2012

My Best Friends Wedding- Mr & Mrs Larsen

Ok so my bestie "Coco" got married over 5 years ago now, but I think her colour scheme was GORGEOUS (her maid of honour was pretty tasty too, if I do say so myself :))so I just had to share some photos with you all. Coco and "Mr Coco" ( Sorry Clyde)  got married in San Diego (in January would you believe) where the sky was azure blue, the grass was greener than green, temple sparkling white and her bridesmaid in hot pink and bright orange! The reception was full of delicious food, a romantic boat trip, a hot chocolate bar and some crazy dance moves. It really was a night to remember for all who attended! So here are a bunch of photos from that fantastic day 5 years and 2 months ago....

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Guest Blog - Olivia - .STYLEME.

I am so excited to have Olivia from to give us a few wedding day beauty tips....

Hi Shiny Happy People!
Summer is on the way and .STYLEME. is busy booking in brides and brushing up skills!
My name is Olivia and i've been hairdressing for soooo long if i tell you it might give away my age,
 i recently decided to push the wedding market as i LOVE creating styles and being part of someone's special day i aim to create bespoke styles and will listen carefully on your input and style for the day, however i am here to advise as well and have at times had to tell brides "That just wont work!"
so what advice can i give you budding wives to be out there??

1. Make sure whatever you decide to do with your hair whether you call the professionals in or do it yourself have a trial and time it before the day!
2. If your dress is simple don't go too over the top with the hair (But that's just my advice!)
3. Extensions can completely help to create a style you dream of. Dont be afraid to try them.:)
4.Trust your stylist, if you've had a trial and you liked it don't stress! it will ruin your morning!
5. Make-up: Always prepare your skin beforehand so it has a good base to go on.
6.Eyes or Lips? not both. (By this i mean one can be more dramatic than the other!)
7.A good foundation is essential, make sure it matches your skin tone and doesn't have illuminating ingredients in them. It is not great for photography.
8.keep a mini make up set in a bag with your bridesmaid. You WILL want to powder your nose! and add on some lippy with all the greeting of guests you'll be doing.!
9.Deodrant and Breath Freshener!!!


Good luck and please get in touch if you would like to inquire about booking a

Monday, 12 March 2012

Etiquette- Father of the Bride

The most famous "father of the bride" I know

So after looking through tonnes of "etiquette" books I found that the Father of the Bride has very few jobs.... unfortunately for him one of his jobs traditionally is the most expensive...

1. Host the wedding- Now a days this doesn't necessarily mean paying for the everything, it is up to the bride, groom and parents to come up with their budget and whose paying for what
2. To walk his daughter down the aisle & "give" his daughter away to her husband- this stands for a father passing on the responsibility for his daughter onto her new husband.
3. To give the first speech of the reception
4. To cut in on the first dance of the bride and groom to dance with his daughter

The father of the bride I love most.....

Friday, 9 March 2012

Real life engagement photos- Hannah & Brett

Hannah is one of my very close friends we have known each other since we were babies and even studied together in America, she had some gorgeous engagement photos taken in England at Camber Sands in Rye.  She is also sharing their "love story" just because I think it is sooo cute!

In 2006 I decided to come out to Brigham Young University to study in America, and the first weekend that I was out here I met my husband. We were at a party in a cabin up in mountains and I was looking for something to drink in the kitchen, as I walked in Brett and his friends were drinking the last can of drink. To give you a little context it took about three hours to get to this cabin, there was no running water and that was the LAST drink there. I was not too happy about this, but it definitely sparked up a conversation. They soon realised that I was from England, and Brett had just got back from his mission in England, so we started trying to see if we knew the same people…turns out Brett served his mission in my grandparents ward, and knew my aunts and uncles. I liked him that first night we met, and after the cabin it was a few months before we saw each other again. During those months I had been emailing my auntie trying to find out as much as I could about Brett, and he was emailing my auntie doing the exact same thing. We hung out for a while, and eventually went out on our first date in December 2006….the rest is history. We dated for a long long time, and were eventually engaged in May 2010, Brett flew out to England and proposed to me at Leeds Castle in Kent.

We then started the long process of applying for visas to make our love legal J I finally was able to marry my best friend in the Salt Lake City Temple on 2nd December 2010.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Real Life Bride to be- Jenna

Ok here is another of our "real life brides to be" this one I know real well as she is my sister! I am her Maid of Honour but thought it would be more exciting to hear about the wedding from her view not mine! 

About us!!

Welcome to the world of Joshua and I!! I’m Jenna, I am 22 years old from Larkfield, Kent. Josh is 21 years old (yes I know he is younger….it runs in the family you cant blame me ☺) and he is from Gloucester. I am working full time at the moment as a Supervisor in a retail store called Superdry. I am hoping to become a make up artist soon and start my own business but for now Superdry pays the bills. Josh is attending Aston University in Birmingham, he is studying Spanish and Maths (CRAZY!! I know). He loves going to the gym with his boys, playing football, especially loves rugby and making me the happiest girl EVER!!

Our Story.

Josh and I officially met New years eve 2007. We had heard and seen glimpses of each other but our eyes and ears had never officially had the pleasure of meeting, but on this night things changed!! Through the years we became the best of friends. To me he was my best friend but to Josh he would describe this time as me being stubborn and not giving us two a chance to date. He tried his hardest to make me realise we would be perfect together but I wouldn’t give in! Years past by and 2009 came around. He called me about his mission call, Canada Toronto East Spanish speaking mission. But still JUST FRIENDS! Basically to cut a long story kinda short, I ended up falling for him a month before he left! We spent the last week inseparable and still to this day I wonder what took me so long. On the Saturday before he left he had organised a farewell at Gadfield Elm Chapel to hang out! That night I will never forget, it was the first time we both told each other that we loved one another and the first time we kissed (it was like out of a fairytale movie, but I will leave that part out!). After an emotional goodbye, we stayed in contact. Emailing every week. After two years past by I was asked to go to the airport for his homecoming, butterflies flew and spun through my stomach. Whilst waiting at the arrivals sweating like no other! Our RM is finally home! And ever since then our love has blossomed!! For my 22nd birthday he surprised me with a trip to Canada for a week in January….ever since people found out about this trip we received non stop comments about Josh proposing out there! And to my delight on the 14th January, Josh got down on one knee in the middle of a 4-way intersection in Dundas Square and made me a the happiest girl again! Since we got home we spend every weekend together! And we couldn’t be more excited about planning the rest of our lives together!! BRING ON 14th JULY 2012 YAYYYYYY!!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Oh summer... where art thou...

Ok so after teasing us with good weather last week it is back to MISERABLE weather here in the UK and I for one am not impressed! I do not like cold weather it seems to suck all the energy out of me- so in order to brighten my day I decided to search Pinterest today in the hope of some summer inspiration and thought I would share some of my favourites!

I am in love with all the summer colours and dreaming of hot summer days, hopefully it won't be long!