Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Real Life Bride to be- Jenna

Ok here is another of our "real life brides to be" this one I know real well as she is my sister! I am her Maid of Honour but thought it would be more exciting to hear about the wedding from her view not mine! 

About us!!

Welcome to the world of Joshua and I!! I’m Jenna, I am 22 years old from Larkfield, Kent. Josh is 21 years old (yes I know he is younger….it runs in the family you cant blame me ☺) and he is from Gloucester. I am working full time at the moment as a Supervisor in a retail store called Superdry. I am hoping to become a make up artist soon and start my own business but for now Superdry pays the bills. Josh is attending Aston University in Birmingham, he is studying Spanish and Maths (CRAZY!! I know). He loves going to the gym with his boys, playing football, especially loves rugby and making me the happiest girl EVER!!

Our Story.

Josh and I officially met New years eve 2007. We had heard and seen glimpses of each other but our eyes and ears had never officially had the pleasure of meeting, but on this night things changed!! Through the years we became the best of friends. To me he was my best friend but to Josh he would describe this time as me being stubborn and not giving us two a chance to date. He tried his hardest to make me realise we would be perfect together but I wouldn’t give in! Years past by and 2009 came around. He called me about his mission call, Canada Toronto East Spanish speaking mission. But still JUST FRIENDS! Basically to cut a long story kinda short, I ended up falling for him a month before he left! We spent the last week inseparable and still to this day I wonder what took me so long. On the Saturday before he left he had organised a farewell at Gadfield Elm Chapel to hang out! That night I will never forget, it was the first time we both told each other that we loved one another and the first time we kissed (it was like out of a fairytale movie, but I will leave that part out!). After an emotional goodbye, we stayed in contact. Emailing every week. After two years past by I was asked to go to the airport for his homecoming, butterflies flew and spun through my stomach. Whilst waiting at the arrivals sweating like no other! Our RM is finally home! And ever since then our love has blossomed!! For my 22nd birthday he surprised me with a trip to Canada for a week in January….ever since people found out about this trip we received non stop comments about Josh proposing out there! And to my delight on the 14th January, Josh got down on one knee in the middle of a 4-way intersection in Dundas Square and made me a the happiest girl again! Since we got home we spend every weekend together! And we couldn’t be more excited about planning the rest of our lives together!! BRING ON 14th JULY 2012 YAYYYYYY!!

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