Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap year

Ok, I am sorry! It has been a few days and I apologise for the lack of posts.... talk to Virgin Media about it! Apparently they wanted to not have our internet working for the past few days! So anyway sorry annnddd moving on.....

So today is the day that the tables turn and its totally ok for women to propose to the guy of their dreams, Remember if you don't do it today you might have to wait another 4 years!!!!

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

National Wedding Show

I am going here tomorrow with this girl and our mum....

and I am ridiculously excited! I am sure I will be coming back with TONNES more ideas for you all and some fantastic companies I am hoping to meet with! I would HIGHLY advise going along as there are loads of fantastic vendors there and lots with special show prices!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

*Guest Post- Helen Rose Lifestyle Photography*

I am so excited to have Helen of Helen Rose Lifestyle here to do a little "guest post" for us! I first got too see Helen's work when she shot one of my closest friends weddings (here). Since then I have got to know Helen a bit better and been able to see some of her amazing work! Helen was nice enough to do a little question and answer segment for me and has shared some of her favourite shots!....

1. What made you decide to go into photography?

I have always enjoyed photography and from an early age I particularly remember attempting to fine tune my ‘movement’ photographs whilst on various family driving holidays.

But later in life I was forced to take a break from my degree in Primary Education, as I was diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome/ M.E), and to still feel involved when I would go out socially I would offer to sit and take the photographs! This led to then take a part time AS in photography, initially as a hobby, distraction and form of therapy for me.
I realised how much I loved what I was doing so decided to stay on to complete my A-Level.

With my health as it was, I wanted to change my career path from teaching to pursue a career as a Photographer, as I could then build work up gradually with what I could cope with. We then moved to Derby where I completed a foundation degree in Commercial Photography, and afterwards I opted for a furter ‘top up’ year to do a full BA (Hons) in Commercial Photography in which I graduated with a First Class Honours.

2. How long have you been taking photos?

Since I got my first camera, which was probably at the age of 7/8, but I photographed my first wedding 5 years ago!

3. What are you favourite photos to take?

I love to vary what I do, then I believe I don’t get stale! Like for instance I limit how many Weddings I photograph a year so that I can ensure that I can enjoy what I do and don’t get caught up in monotonous routines (especially in the editing stage), I want to be on form and not rush things also.

I really love to take newborn photographs, as there is nothing more special than a brand new life with all of its tiny individual features. Family photo shoots can also be funny at times! When working with children you just have to go with the flow and not force it too much as otherwise they won’t comply!

I love children and this was one of the reasons I was going to become a Primary School teacher first of all so its great that I can still use these skills and work with children in my current line of work! I am hoping to work on some new ideas with children’s photo shoots this year, so keep checking my website to see what evolves!

4. What are 5 words that describe your photography style?


5. Are you a full time photographer? What else do you fill your time with?

I am a full time photographer, wife and mummy to 2 gorgeous little boys. There is never a dull moment for us!

6. What advise would you give couples when searching for a wedding photographer?

I have had many people come to me for baby or family photographs and they then admit
to me that they regret the decision they made in choosing to have an amateur photograph their important day.  Whether it be a relative or friend doing it as a hobby or even a photographer who was doing it for a really cheap price, you do however tend to get what you pay for. In saying this I also appreciate that there are couples who have been happy with a cheaper alternate and they are some of the rarer lucky ones!

Don’t settle!

If you like a photographer then try to go with them as your photographs are the only thing you keep and display in your home for years after the big day so its important you have confidence in whoever is taking your photographs and are happy with the end result.

You cannot change time though so make sure you capture it well!

7. What camera do you use?

Canon 5d mk II – my other little baby!!

8. What do couples get when they hire you?

They get the ‘Helen Rose Lifestyle’ experience! This is in the form of a professional photo-shoot at a location of choice, editing, a certain number of images and a disc of images with a reproduction consent letter (meaning you can print the images any number of times, any size, any time) all for one fixed price.

The only thing you can opt to pay extra for is any additional products such as canvases and photo books but like I say these are an option and to be honest most of my clients choose to get them done else where themselves once they have the disc.

I now also include on the disc a separate file with ‘facebook ready’ photographs in – meaning they are a smaller file size and with my logo on which makes it much easier to upload for friends and family to see.

9. Are you inspired by anyone?

I am always inspired by photographers old and new as well as the world around me – especially when I am on location to photograph at a new place!

Some of my favourite traditional photographers include David Bailey, Richard Avedon, Fay Godwin and Ansel Adams.

Though I am always keen on keeping up with the trends and pinterest is a good place for me to monitor and tag what I like! 

Twitter @helenrosephoto

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Bestest Man

So I looked at the responsibilities of a Maid of Honour a few weeks ago and thought it was about time to showcase the roles of best man!
So first up the most famous best man of the last year:-

So here goes:-
1. Plan the stag night/ bachelor night - ok this is one thing I do not get why do guys hurt each other on these? RANDOM! The way I see it if you as the best man are not married wouldn't you rather do something fun, memorable and enjoyable because lets face it it will be you one day!
2. Help sort out suit fittings and coordinate between the groom and groomsmen
3. This one I had NO idea about but after looking at lots of different "lists" it seems to be part of it.... assist the groom by organising travel to the honeymoon
4. Travels with the groom to the wedding (and make sure he gets there!)- My husband and his best man managed to get pulled over by the police because of their crazy antics..... NOT GOOD!
5. Help the groom get dressed (!) and hold onto any personal possessions the groom asks him too!
6. Oversees the groomsmen/ ushers and makes sure they do all their duties (another post another time.)
7. LOOK AFTER THE RINGS! If you do nothing else as best man this is the ONE thing you must do and do well.
8. The man thing the best man does at the reception (alongside looking good and standing/sitting where told) is the speech- make it funny/ serious/ emotional just make it you and make sure to practice - there is nothing more awkward than a best man speech when he has obviously not got a clue what he is going to say!
9. Load the bride and grooms suitcases in to their car
10. Organise with the groomsman/ushers and decorate the couples "getaway" car.
11. Finally it is your responsibility to get ALL of the suits and return them to the hire shop.

Yes there are lots of responsibilities but it is an honour.... so don't screw it up! This is the couples BIG day it has nothing to do with you but it should run smoother because of you!

Friday, 17 February 2012

This week....

Sick babies and no internet, hopefully this explains my absence and you can forgive me!
So for today just a video of a ridiculously cute proposal! Seriously watch it is so clever!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day of love.....

Happy Valentines day!
Hope you have a fantastic day filled with love and romance! 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Baby it's cold outside

Still want to look every part the bride when its -10 outside? This coat is GORGEOUS! Almost makes me wish I got married in winter (Almost!) 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Real life weddings- Mr & Mrs Urie

Michael and Becky had a beautiful new years wedding and Becky has supplied us with some great tips!
Becky's florist took a "simple" cake and transformed it into something spectacular! A tip from the florist check that the flowers have not been sprayed with pesticides so it does not poison your guests! 

Becky's flowers a shower of white roses and calla lillies- the white rose representing eternity (LOVE that there was a meaning behind the flowers!)

The favours were yummy lindt chocolates wrapped in fabric!

The church Becky and Mike got married in did not have a hall big enough for their reception so they hired out a hotel but as Becky said "having the reception at a hotel was cheaper than we thought it would be and takes out the stress/cost of caterers, silverware and glass hire etc and the table settings, menu cards, seating plan etc was all taken care of by them, so does make it worth the money." 
The beautiful bride

Becky's top tip for a winter wedding - "all winter wedding brides need to have someone on hand with a big thick coat for in between pictures outside!!"

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I am in love......

with the Mr and one of these would go down great for valentines day (in my dreams anyway!) or more likely would make a very special touch to your wedding day (and believe me I would be BEYOND jealous!)

Tiffany Metro Ring- need I say more?

LOVE LOVE LOVE - I actually think if I owned these shoes I would wear them EVERYWHERE! -Sainsburys, Tesco, Indoor play areas you get me everywhere! 
Maybe I have lived in Essex too long, but, a Juicy suit -umm yes please- this would be a perfect ensemble for getting ready the morning before your wedding AND with the zipper top could be removed without messing up hair/make up (yes I think of everything!)

Ok so pretty much any phone cover from here! You would totally be allowed to use your phone on your wedding day if it looked like this! 

Ok so I actually don't know how to tie this into weddings but saw this and its gorgeous! Victoria Beckham's range is to die for! Any suggestions for wedding day use so it can stay here??? 

What would be on your valentines/wedding day wish list?! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Put some limes in your...

So flowers.... how to make them "different". I mean flowers, vase thats about it right? WRONG! How about vase filler, If you have tall centerpieces the vase is pretty much the only bit that is seen when the guests sit down to eat, so why not make it a talking point? (or something that just looks extra pretty!)For mine and the mr's wedding we went with limes- why limes? well to be honest it was the only green fruit I thought would look good all sliced up in the vase, my brother and sister- in - law went for whole lemons. But there are TONNES of ideas out there for lining the vases heres a few of my favourites I have found.....
Sweets make a "yummy" treat


Cranberries add a festive touch

Paper and ribbon wrapped around the outside

Pretty sand layers

I have NO idea what is in this vase but I think it looks pretty cool!

Or even just dying the water adds a bit of a different touch to the table
The centerpieces from our wedding ( Yes I love them so had to show them off!)

Any other ideas? Feel free to comment and share your ideas-would love to hear some feedback! 

Monday, 6 February 2012

QUICK:Boot camp

I have just signed up for this and thought what a great idea for getting your body fit and ready for your big day and at an AMAZING price:-

You have 9 hrs and 22 minutes left and you are well on your way to looking like this:-

Friday, 3 February 2012

Real life weddings- Ryan & Emma Fagg

My brother and Sister in law recently tied the knot in spectacular style! ( I may be bias but hey its my blog!)They decided to work towards a theme..... New York (the place they got engaged) it was amazing, they thought of every little detail and made sure it all tied in. We ate gourmet burgers and had chocolate apple favours. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here goes with a serious essay!

beautiful ring pillow 

The New York Cab and some very cute bridesmaids

the littlest and cutest (yup definitely bias here!) bridesmaid who refused to walk down the aisle but decided to watch from outside!

Country time lemonade to keep us busy during photos

The bridal party

The beautiful bride with a New York backdrop

The top table 

The top table floral arrangements

The surprise helicopter 

Beautiful backdrops

The first dance

The only picture I have of the chocolate covered apples ( which we slaved over for a good 2 days but were worth every minute- and blister I got from sticking sticks in apples!)

The gorgeous centre pieces

The fun backdrop with props set up for the evening reception

It was a long fun filled day that I am sure the bride and groom (and guests for that matter) will never forget!