Saturday, 3 March 2012

Real life brides to be- Hannah

Ok so we have seen real life weddings (& will continue too) and tips and ideas from me, but thought it would be a good idea to follow along with some "real brides-to-be" to hear about their experiences and tips they want to share with all of you! I am really excited to get to know these brides-to-be and first up we have Hannah here is her story:-

About us:
So a little about me and Rob... I am from Edinburgh, Scotland, He is from Cwmbran, Wales. I was at school in America studying Psychology but am taking time out and working, He is studying Neurobiology at Cardiff University. I'm a girly girl and love my fashion, make up, friends and music, He is a guys guy and loves quad biking, his best friend Matt, working out, Chinese food and rugby when Wales are playing! We love One Tree Hill, visiting new places, cheesecake and each other!
        • Our Story:
          Rob and I first met at the end of April last year. I had just decided to take time out of school in America and had all these big plans to be single for the next year and travel and work and get rich...but I think it is safe to say - like most things in life - nothing happened according to plan! The day after I got home I begrudgingly agreed to go on a double blind date with one of my friends. Don't get me wrong, even tho my plan was to be single for the year I was still totally up for going on dates..just not blind ones! Having been on more than my fair share of blind dates and knowing how awkward and cringey they can be it is safe to say I wasn't too keen! But I decided despite my past experiences I was gonna have fun on this date and it was an opportunity to make new friends if nothing else!
          When we first met on the date Rob was quite shy - probably because I was not being very shy at all and called him the wrong name right after I asked a second time what his name was again ha! Thankfully he was not too put off by this and we ended up having a lot of fun together that weekend! I didn't have a phone at the time so for the following week we messaged back and forth on good old Facebook until the next weekend when we ended up going to the same event. I guess you could say it was this weekend that changed everything - we had our first kiss and spent the whole weekend getting to know each other better and having fun! About 2 weeks later we were officially an item and on the day of our 9 month 'anniversary' of dating Rob proposed!! We are getting married 30th June 2012 and we are so so excited to share our special day with all the people we love! 

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