Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Put some limes in your...

So flowers.... how to make them "different". I mean flowers, vase thats about it right? WRONG! How about vase filler, If you have tall centerpieces the vase is pretty much the only bit that is seen when the guests sit down to eat, so why not make it a talking point? (or something that just looks extra pretty!)For mine and the mr's wedding we went with limes- why limes? well to be honest it was the only green fruit I thought would look good all sliced up in the vase, my brother and sister- in - law went for whole lemons. But there are TONNES of ideas out there for lining the vases heres a few of my favourites I have found.....
Sweets make a "yummy" treat


Cranberries add a festive touch

Paper and ribbon wrapped around the outside

Pretty sand layers

I have NO idea what is in this vase but I think it looks pretty cool!

Or even just dying the water adds a bit of a different touch to the table
The centerpieces from our wedding ( Yes I love them so had to show them off!)

Any other ideas? Feel free to comment and share your ideas-would love to hear some feedback! 

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