Thursday, 9 February 2012

I am in love......

with the Mr and one of these would go down great for valentines day (in my dreams anyway!) or more likely would make a very special touch to your wedding day (and believe me I would be BEYOND jealous!)

Tiffany Metro Ring- need I say more?

LOVE LOVE LOVE - I actually think if I owned these shoes I would wear them EVERYWHERE! -Sainsburys, Tesco, Indoor play areas you get me everywhere! 
Maybe I have lived in Essex too long, but, a Juicy suit -umm yes please- this would be a perfect ensemble for getting ready the morning before your wedding AND with the zipper top could be removed without messing up hair/make up (yes I think of everything!)

Ok so pretty much any phone cover from here! You would totally be allowed to use your phone on your wedding day if it looked like this! 

Ok so I actually don't know how to tie this into weddings but saw this and its gorgeous! Victoria Beckham's range is to die for! Any suggestions for wedding day use so it can stay here??? 

What would be on your valentines/wedding day wish list?! 

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