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*Guest Post- Helen Rose Lifestyle Photography*

I am so excited to have Helen of Helen Rose Lifestyle here to do a little "guest post" for us! I first got too see Helen's work when she shot one of my closest friends weddings (here). Since then I have got to know Helen a bit better and been able to see some of her amazing work! Helen was nice enough to do a little question and answer segment for me and has shared some of her favourite shots!....

1. What made you decide to go into photography?

I have always enjoyed photography and from an early age I particularly remember attempting to fine tune my ‘movement’ photographs whilst on various family driving holidays.

But later in life I was forced to take a break from my degree in Primary Education, as I was diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome/ M.E), and to still feel involved when I would go out socially I would offer to sit and take the photographs! This led to then take a part time AS in photography, initially as a hobby, distraction and form of therapy for me.
I realised how much I loved what I was doing so decided to stay on to complete my A-Level.

With my health as it was, I wanted to change my career path from teaching to pursue a career as a Photographer, as I could then build work up gradually with what I could cope with. We then moved to Derby where I completed a foundation degree in Commercial Photography, and afterwards I opted for a furter ‘top up’ year to do a full BA (Hons) in Commercial Photography in which I graduated with a First Class Honours.

2. How long have you been taking photos?

Since I got my first camera, which was probably at the age of 7/8, but I photographed my first wedding 5 years ago!

3. What are you favourite photos to take?

I love to vary what I do, then I believe I don’t get stale! Like for instance I limit how many Weddings I photograph a year so that I can ensure that I can enjoy what I do and don’t get caught up in monotonous routines (especially in the editing stage), I want to be on form and not rush things also.

I really love to take newborn photographs, as there is nothing more special than a brand new life with all of its tiny individual features. Family photo shoots can also be funny at times! When working with children you just have to go with the flow and not force it too much as otherwise they won’t comply!

I love children and this was one of the reasons I was going to become a Primary School teacher first of all so its great that I can still use these skills and work with children in my current line of work! I am hoping to work on some new ideas with children’s photo shoots this year, so keep checking my website to see what evolves!

4. What are 5 words that describe your photography style?


5. Are you a full time photographer? What else do you fill your time with?

I am a full time photographer, wife and mummy to 2 gorgeous little boys. There is never a dull moment for us!

6. What advise would you give couples when searching for a wedding photographer?

I have had many people come to me for baby or family photographs and they then admit
to me that they regret the decision they made in choosing to have an amateur photograph their important day.  Whether it be a relative or friend doing it as a hobby or even a photographer who was doing it for a really cheap price, you do however tend to get what you pay for. In saying this I also appreciate that there are couples who have been happy with a cheaper alternate and they are some of the rarer lucky ones!

Don’t settle!

If you like a photographer then try to go with them as your photographs are the only thing you keep and display in your home for years after the big day so its important you have confidence in whoever is taking your photographs and are happy with the end result.

You cannot change time though so make sure you capture it well!

7. What camera do you use?

Canon 5d mk II – my other little baby!!

8. What do couples get when they hire you?

They get the ‘Helen Rose Lifestyle’ experience! This is in the form of a professional photo-shoot at a location of choice, editing, a certain number of images and a disc of images with a reproduction consent letter (meaning you can print the images any number of times, any size, any time) all for one fixed price.

The only thing you can opt to pay extra for is any additional products such as canvases and photo books but like I say these are an option and to be honest most of my clients choose to get them done else where themselves once they have the disc.

I now also include on the disc a separate file with ‘facebook ready’ photographs in – meaning they are a smaller file size and with my logo on which makes it much easier to upload for friends and family to see.

9. Are you inspired by anyone?

I am always inspired by photographers old and new as well as the world around me – especially when I am on location to photograph at a new place!

Some of my favourite traditional photographers include David Bailey, Richard Avedon, Fay Godwin and Ansel Adams.

Though I am always keen on keeping up with the trends and pinterest is a good place for me to monitor and tag what I like! 

Twitter @helenrosephoto

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