Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Bestest Man

So I looked at the responsibilities of a Maid of Honour a few weeks ago and thought it was about time to showcase the roles of best man!
So first up the most famous best man of the last year:-

So here goes:-
1. Plan the stag night/ bachelor night - ok this is one thing I do not get why do guys hurt each other on these? RANDOM! The way I see it if you as the best man are not married wouldn't you rather do something fun, memorable and enjoyable because lets face it it will be you one day!
2. Help sort out suit fittings and coordinate between the groom and groomsmen
3. This one I had NO idea about but after looking at lots of different "lists" it seems to be part of it.... assist the groom by organising travel to the honeymoon
4. Travels with the groom to the wedding (and make sure he gets there!)- My husband and his best man managed to get pulled over by the police because of their crazy antics..... NOT GOOD!
5. Help the groom get dressed (!) and hold onto any personal possessions the groom asks him too!
6. Oversees the groomsmen/ ushers and makes sure they do all their duties (another post another time.)
7. LOOK AFTER THE RINGS! If you do nothing else as best man this is the ONE thing you must do and do well.
8. The man thing the best man does at the reception (alongside looking good and standing/sitting where told) is the speech- make it funny/ serious/ emotional just make it you and make sure to practice - there is nothing more awkward than a best man speech when he has obviously not got a clue what he is going to say!
9. Load the bride and grooms suitcases in to their car
10. Organise with the groomsman/ushers and decorate the couples "getaway" car.
11. Finally it is your responsibility to get ALL of the suits and return them to the hire shop.

Yes there are lots of responsibilities but it is an honour.... so don't screw it up! This is the couples BIG day it has nothing to do with you but it should run smoother because of you!

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