Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Merry Maid

So my sister and her boyfriend (now fiance) recently announced their engagement ( I am sure you figured that out seen as we went dress shopping yesterday) anyway my sister asked me (yes me!) to be Maid of Honour ( ummm yay!) Unfortunately for Jenna I cannot promise I will look as good as this recent maid of honour...

Anyway it has left me thinking what exactly is the role of the maid of honour, I know its more than just standing there in a dress, last time it had me road tripping to California and having a brilliant girly week before the wedding including spray tans, frappachinos, "romantic" walks by the beach and even a hoop incident that saw me up the brides dress trying to readjust everything! But, I figured there is probably even more than that I should be doing so after some careful research this is what I came up with.....

The Maid of Honour should
1. Attend all pre wedding parties (showers, hen nights, bachelorettes etc etc.)
2. Help address invitations and announcements
3. Throw the shower/hen night/ bachelorette ( which normally means #1 is slightly obvious but hey!)
4. Help bride with going away outfit and luggage
5. Act as the go between, between the bride and other bridesmaids- organise fittings, explain jobs etc etc
6. Apparently ..... organise flower petals to throw on the bride and groom as they leave the wedding! ( sorry Jen not going to happen!)
7. Help the bride and other bridesmaids get ready
8. Assist bride with her train and veil throughout the day
9. Hold brides bouquet during ceremony
10. Assist the photographer ( I am pretty certain this is what the photographer employs and assistant for but hey if they don't have one its all you!)
11. Help the bride change into her going away outfit and take charge of the wedding dress. ( Jen I cannot promise I won't be trying it on ;))

Hope this helps some other MOH out there!

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