Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pictures of Love

So having engagement pictures done is totally normal, but I totally want to have new ones done (with the same man of course) but just like a few years on... what are your thoughts is that ok or just a bit cheese? Like do all the family pictures we have done now HAVE to include or 4 of us or can we just get some nice ones of me and the mr as well? Anyway while contemplating my dilemma I have been looking at some GORGEOUS couple shoots (yes I have decided this is what engagement photos for married people should be called- I am sure someone else thought of this but hey my blog I take full credit for it!) So anyway here are some of the dreamy photos I have found!- Now I just have to convince Mr Happily Ever After to agree to getting them done! Any ideas on 1. how to convince him & 2. any other great poses???

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