Sunday, 19 September 2010

The beginning of MY fairy tale ending....

Well thats the dream Ive spent my whole life wanting to plan weddings and Ive “wasted” hours and hours and hours researching and looking around wedding fayres. Then I only had FIVE months to plan my own. All the scrapbook pages and mood boards I’d spent years creating came in very handy.  After 20 short weeks of putting my ideas into action it was all over, yet I still had loads of information and an even bigger passion for weddings so I thought what better than to share all the information I have gathered over the YEARS with all of you!  Ill be sharing help for BIG weddings, small weddings, budget weddings, EXTRAVAGENT weddings, those at home or abroad. Basically if its a wedding ceremony I will be able to help!
Stay tuned for an amazing journey that is sure to end       

Happily ever after!

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